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Finished hats!

Hey all! Hope your holiday was as wonderful as mine. I am so lucky to have such a big and loving and awesome family as I do… They make the holidays (and every day) pretty amazing.

I finished my kids hats the other day, just in time for the little Christmas party I had for them before school was let out for the holiday. They loved them! I was a little worried that the kids wouldn’t appreciate my hats, but they went over great. Here are the last two:



The kitty hat turned out so cute. The kiddo I made it for had drawn me a picture of the perfect kitty hat I should make, so obviously I had to knit it for him! He was so excited when he opened it and saw his original picture next to the hat. :)

I also got to look at the inside of my first kids hat next to my last. It was great to see the progress I’ve made with the tension of the strands on the inside. There is a fair isle mitten pattern I’ve been itching to try on that I feel like I have the skills to tackle now. Woo hoo!


My next project was a quick and chunky hat for Mom’s birthday. I found some really nice colored Martha Stewart roving wool at the craft store on super sale. I normally wouldn’t use Martha’s yarn, but it was such a good deal (and 100% wool) I couldn’t pass it up. It turned out beautifully thick, and just big enough for my mom to tuck her hair up into.

Here is me modeling it, and my happy mother!



It was so nice to get some wool on my needles after knitting all those kids hats in acrylic.

One more (late) Christmas hat to finish and I’m on to some projects for fun and some projects for Grandma. And one for my friend and one for my boyfriend’s mom and one for his little sister and…. I’m sure something will come up after those!

Happy New Year folks.


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Fair Isle Madness!

I have been quite busy with my kids Christmas hats in the past week, and have gotten 8 done so far. As I am not too confident in my fair isle knitting, I’ve taken this opportunity to dive right in. In each hat, I’ve designed a little banded pattern and gone to town on it. After having to pull the strands inside the hat tight as well as I could on my first, loosely knit pattern, I’ve made some progress.

I started with a skull and crossbones pattern that should have been saved for last. So, learning my lesson, moved on to some simpler stripes and zig zags. My last hat was all fair isle all the time, and it turned out great. I’m feeling much better now that I have my tension perfect. I’m excited for my last two.

After the kids fair isle hats, I’m going to move on to a cable knit project for a friend, and I hope to try out some new texture techniques. We shall see!

For now, pictures. The rest will come mañana.








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Hello, Internet!

Hey folks! So, I’ve been knitting up a storm lately.  Thus far, I’ve kept my knitting in the comfort of my own living room. Lately people have been bugging me to open an etsy shop or at least go public with my knitting, so here I am.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to take my adventures in knitting on the road to the wide-open spaces of the internet. I always end up knitting for other people, so I’m not going to open up a shop just yet (although I would be willing to knit a custom hat for you if you’d like!). I figure sharing my projects is a good start.

I’ve just finished up knitting a slew of Christmas presents for my family and am moving on to some simple kids hats for the kids I work with. I am in charge of a Boys & Girls Club before and after school program with about 8 kids in it, and have been trying to think of something nice to do for them for the holiday. I knit in the mornings and afternoons with them when there is only one or two kids left, and  therefore have shown them a good number of projects I’ve done. A few of the kids were so interested in knitting that I went out and bought some cheap aluminum needles and got my hands on some bright acrylic yarn and have been teaching them to knit themselves. It’s been a rewarding (though sometimes frustrating) experience. We’ve recently begun (most of the kids are only a few rows in), and I’ll keep you updated on how the kids projects come along.  Now that I am done with family Christmas presents and have so much time during school hours while I am not working, hopefully I can whip up some nice little hats for my little ones before Christmas break. I’ll post pictures as I go along.

In any case, I hope you stick around! I’ll be posting about my favorite few projects I’ve done for Christmas in the very near future.

Vayos con Dios!