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Fair Isle Madness!

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I have been quite busy with my kids Christmas hats in the past week, and have gotten 8 done so far. As I am not too confident in my fair isle knitting, I’ve taken this opportunity to dive right in. In each hat, I’ve designed a little banded pattern and gone to town on it. After having to pull the strands inside the hat tight as well as I could on my first, loosely knit pattern, I’ve made some progress.

I started with a skull and crossbones pattern that should have been saved for last. So, learning my lesson, moved on to some simpler stripes and zig zags. My last hat was all fair isle all the time, and it turned out great. I’m feeling much better now that I have my tension perfect. I’m excited for my last two.

After the kids fair isle hats, I’m going to move on to a cable knit project for a friend, and I hope to try out some new texture techniques. We shall see!

For now, pictures. The rest will come mañana.









Author: Jessie Colleen

I am a gal in my mid-twenties living and knitting in upstate New York.

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