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Finished hats!

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Hey all! Hope your holiday was as wonderful as mine. I am so lucky to have such a big and loving and awesome family as I do… They make the holidays (and every day) pretty amazing.

I finished my kids hats the other day, just in time for the little Christmas party I had for them before school was let out for the holiday. They loved them! I was a little worried that the kids wouldn’t appreciate my hats, but they went over great. Here are the last two:



The kitty hat turned out so cute. The kiddo I made it for had drawn me a picture of the perfect kitty hat I should make, so obviously I had to knit it for him! He was so excited when he opened it and saw his original picture next to the hat. :)

I also got to look at the inside of my first kids hat next to my last. It was great to see the progress I’ve made with the tension of the strands on the inside. There is a fair isle mitten pattern I’ve been itching to try on that I feel like I have the skills to tackle now. Woo hoo!


My next project was a quick and chunky hat for Mom’s birthday. I found some really nice colored Martha Stewart roving wool at the craft store on super sale. I normally wouldn’t use Martha’s yarn, but it was such a good deal (and 100% wool) I couldn’t pass it up. It turned out beautifully thick, and just big enough for my mom to tuck her hair up into.

Here is me modeling it, and my happy mother!



It was so nice to get some wool on my needles after knitting all those kids hats in acrylic.

One more (late) Christmas hat to finish and I’m on to some projects for fun and some projects for Grandma. And one for my friend and one for my boyfriend’s mom and one for his little sister and…. I’m sure something will come up after those!

Happy New Year folks.


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I am a gal in my mid-twenties living and knitting in upstate New York.

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