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Slacking with knitting, but rockin’ organization!


So, I’ve been slacking like crazy for the past week on my third pair of tree mittens. But I have been doing something…


Organizing my yarn stash!

I’ve been thinking about how the heck to organize snippets of yarn with its tags for a while. I looked around for ideas and didn’t see anything I thought was good enough. Then one day at school, a kid came in with Pokemon cards and I got to thinking about how I used to have a binder full of them in plastic sleeves and BOOM! What an idea.

So I went out and got a cheap binder, a 10 pack of trading card sleeves for a binder and some index cards (about $6 all together). I had to trim the cards to fit the sleeves, but it worked out great.

For yarns I didn’t have the tags to, I just wrote the yarn info down on the card.


I’m writing down project info for each yarn on the index cards as well so I’ll have a handy-dandy reference guide that’s easy to add to whenever I get a new yarn.

So much better than a box full of tags and scraps! Yippee!

Now I don’t feel so bad about procrastinating…

Have a good week!


Author: Jessie Colleen

I am a gal in my mid-twenties living and knitting in upstate New York.

2 thoughts on “Slacking with knitting, but rockin’ organization!

  1. Mad organizational skillz! Wow. I tried that once, and it lasted for all of 3 minutes, lol. I am also impressed with all of your beautiful mittens. You must be such a fast knitter.

    • Thank you! We’ll see how long this organized stash lasts. I might lose the drive next time I come home from the yarn store haha. As far as quick knitting goes, I’m blessed with a job that only needs me before and after school, so I have A LOT of time in the afternoons to knit. And I use it!

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