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A Cute Baby in a Cute Sweater!


This is my new nephew, Del.


My sister asked me to make him a little monster sweater like Max in Where the Wild Things Are, so this is what I made him!

Is he precious or what?!


Author: Jessie Colleen

I am a gal in my mid-twenties living and knitting in upstate New York.

5 thoughts on “A Cute Baby in a Cute Sweater!

  1. OMG, adorable! (The pattern and the model!)

  2. Is that your own original pattern? If not, do you know where it might be available? If it’s yours, do you sell it? I love it and my friend’s daughter just had a boy she named Max and is using the whole Where the Wild Things Are theme.

    • Hi Andrea! Unfortunately, I did not use a “Max” pattern for this sweater, but it was really easy to improv! I used this pattern for the sweater: (it’s free on Ravelry!) and then made 4-stitch i-cord claws, each about 2″ long, and 6-stitch i-cord horns about 3″ or 4″ long. I adapted the sleeve cuffs to make folded-over mits, with the claws sewn in the inside so they were hidden in the pocket while the sleeves were open and out when you folded the little pockets over Del’s hands to keep him warm. If you have any other questions about how I made it, feel free to email me. I’d be happy to discuss!

      Happy knitting, and I hope it turns out well!

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