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Second Fair Isle Pair DONE, Third on the Needles…


So, I’ve designed, knit, and completed my second pair of fair isle mittens in preparation for opening my Etsy store. I’m very happy with the result, and here they are!

image_2            image_1

I have been having a lot of fun designing these mittens. I have been looking at many traditional Nordic mittens and have been trying to get a touch of the traditional in my mittens, while taking motifs from local trees. My next pair will be dogwoods. I’ve just finished the first one:

image_4             image_3

I’m excited to get the second one done and blocked! This is also the first three-color design. I think my next pair may be more complex color-wise. I have a little experience with three color knitting, and know what I’m in for. We shall see! I’ll keep you updated on this pair’s progress and the next design.



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Fair Isle Mittens, halfway done.

Hello all, and happy New Year!

On the first of the year, after whipping up a few small projects for my little brothers, I decided to get crackin’ on some fair isle mittens. I have been itching to knit a pair of fiddlehead mittens on after seeing a pair that the owner of Spun Right Round in Cortland, NY made (pattern here: Before deciding to start, I looked around at other patterns and came to the conclusion that I’d rather design my own.

I estimated my gauge, graphed out a design, and got to work. This was the result:

IMG_1279[1]                        IMG_1280[1]

I liked how it came out, but I did make a few beginners mistakes on it. For one, I underestimated the gauge. I didn’t knit a fair isle swatch to find it, and the actual mitten came out way to small for my hand. I could put it on, but I had to fight it a bit. I also didn’t decrease quite right, but I fixed that in my next attempt. The cuff is corrugated rib, and I was thinking it would be too loose so I did twisted rib as well. It came out WAY too tight. I also wasn’t completely happy with the design as there were some lines that came out differently in yarn than I thought they would on paper and I thought I could make a better leaf. So yesterday, I tried again. And this was the result:

IMG_1296[1]        IMG_1297[1]

Needless to say, I’m MUCH happier with my second try. I love how it turned out. This mitten is currently being blocked and I just started the second one this morning. I can’t wait til they are both off the needles and dry! I used Cascade 220 in aran weight (I think, I can’t quite remember).

I am thinking of doing a series of mittens along these lines and finally opening up my Etsy store. I’m currently exploring different product ideas, and soon I should be up and running. I’m shooting for the end of the month. I just need to keep knitting like a mad-woman, get a logo designed, figure out how to legally run a small business, get some wholesale yarn accounts set up and orders in. Wish me luck!

So while I’m talking about my future store, does anyone have any advice? Product ideas besides hats and mittens? Words of warning?