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Hey! I’m Still Kicking!

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Hello everybody! It’s been a while… a LONG while. Sorry… I’m not sorry.

In truth, I haven’t posted lately because it’s summer time. It’s hot and sunny and beautiful. Who wants to knit?!

Not me.

But, at the prompting of my friend Aimee over at www.notoriousanc.blogspot.comI am taking her advice and updating my blog.

I have been doing quite a few craftsy things lately. I am going the DIY route for my upcoming wedding, which has me YIPEing a little bit. I made my invitations, but still need to make the RSVPs (sorry friends and family… they will be in the mail soon!). They are coming out very nicely, though. For under $100 and with many A.C. Moore coupons, I got cardstock, envelopes, custom stamps from (they are awesome and FAST! order from them!), and stamp pads to make most of the parts of the invitations. The hubby is insisting on hand-writing the RSVP cards, so those are slowing us down. The final product will be really pretty and personal and completely us, however. Hopefully it is worth it.

The hand-made invitations were just the warm-up for the party favors, though. They are going to be a huge project. We are painting each guests name on a mason jar mug with dishwasher-safe glass paints. Their mug will be the place card, beer/soda mug and party favor. Triple whammy!

It sounds great, right? RIGHT?!

Whats not so great (which I realized while packing my car with case after case of mugs) is the prospect of painting & baking 225 mugs. This is what 225 mugs looks like:


Well, 224 now. I had to make a tester mug, which coincided nicely with my future brother-in-laws birthday. It turned out pretty sweet:


The wedding mugs will absolutely involve simple stamping to decorate around the names, so they will be a lot less time-consuming and not as intricate. The colors will be similar, however. I have a feeling I might have to use some of the extras for sweet patterned mugs, though.

Luckily, I have some very wonderful women helping me with other projects and offering cool party decorations they have lying around from previous parties. It’s a team DIY effort, and I am really excited for the day to get here so we can all drink beer, eat food and celebrate each other!

Any how, I suggest thinking twice before ordering & paying for hundreds of mugs that you have lofty dreams of painting. Luckily, I thought enough ahead to get them now instead of in September. Wish me luck!!



It’s been too long… And so much has happened!

Well, it has absolutely been too long. A month since my last post? Ahhhh! I’m slacking. But I promise you, I have excuses.

What are they, you ask?

Mostly, I’ve been in a slow knitting phase. Although I did get my Etsy store up and running! (The Knitted Frau on Etsy) Although I don’t have any sales yet, I’m happy to have it up and running!

I also finished this hat, made out of a super soft merino/silk blend that I thought I would love. Turns out I’m not wild about the colors, but I got to do a little color experiment.


And started this one:


This is my first time concentrating on my stitch work rather than color. I just got a wonderful stitch reference book (400 Knitting Stitches, you can find it here) and the wonderful woman I am knitting it for picked out a nice X stitch. I am loving the white after so much color in my last project… and all of my projects.

Speaking of the wonderful woman who chose the stitch, she is my future MOTHER IN LAW! So, that happened while I was away!! My wonderful, bearded boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married for a while, and on my birthday last month he asked my dad for his blessing and BOOM! We’re getting hitched!! (I apologize in advance if this turns into a knitting/wedding blog.)

We are trying to plan our wedding as simply and cost effective as is humanly possible, and one thing that has come of that is a non-traditional engagement ring and wedding bands. We found a couple named Andre and Connie who makes gorgeous wooden and moose antler rings (as well as other lovely things) for their Etsy store, Wooden Things and Me. They are whipping up something extra special for us. (And it is SO much easier on our paychecks than a $4000 ring! Yikes!!!) They do such beautiful work and are trying a new technique on my engagement ring. I cannot wait to see it! I’ll post pictures when it arrives. Their shop is absolutely worth checking out… You can find it here. On top of making lovely things, they are lovely people. I strongly suggest you check out their shop.

Seriously, go do it.

I’ve done a million other things, including going to Purl SoHo (the shop that dreams are made of) and buying this dreamy bright green and yellow and gray merino wool…

20130306-225635.jpg …which I cannot WAIT to get on my needles, but haven’t you heard enough??

I’ll update you later if you really want.

In the mean time, does anyone have any tips for getting views on Etsy? Any places you’ve found cheap & pretty wedding dresses? And killer simple wedding/party planning tips? I’ve just got so much to think about!!!!