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A lazy Sunday, done right!

I know, I know. It’s been a while. But I’ve just had the most productive  lazy day I can imagine and it has been WONDERFUL.

This is the first day in a LONG time that I’ve had nothing to do and I took full advantage. For starters, I slept in til 10 after having dreams about being Jerry Garcia’s girlfriend and being in a weird German desert version of Conair. Hmmm. Then I got up and made bread dough which resulted  in this a few hours  later:


I used King Arthur Flour’s 100% whole wheat bread recipe, modified a bit to make round loaves and I threw in a few chopped garlic cloves, sweet Spanish onions, and chopped spinach. My mom always tries to stick spinach in anything she can to get as much as possible in the family’s diet, and I do believe I inherited  that cooking trait. It has served me well! The bread was wonderful with my boyfriends mothers homemade sauce for dinner, and will be glorious with the roasted chicken I have planned for tomorrow!

While patiently waiting for the dough to rise and sitting firmly on my butt, I finished this roving wool ear warmer (these are so wonderful for winter walks!):


Put the final touches on this wool fair isle hat for my sister:


And started this manly alpaca hat:


Not too shabby! I even got laundry done with some help from Callie:


Three cheers for productive lazy Sundays! And now I need to keep knitting while waiting for Downton Abbey to come on.

Life is hard. Very, very hard.


Second Fair Isle Pair DONE, Third on the Needles…


So, I’ve designed, knit, and completed my second pair of fair isle mittens in preparation for opening my Etsy store. I’m very happy with the result, and here they are!

image_2            image_1

I have been having a lot of fun designing these mittens. I have been looking at many traditional Nordic mittens and have been trying to get a touch of the traditional in my mittens, while taking motifs from local trees. My next pair will be dogwoods. I’ve just finished the first one:

image_4             image_3

I’m excited to get the second one done and blocked! This is also the first three-color design. I think my next pair may be more complex color-wise. I have a little experience with three color knitting, and know what I’m in for. We shall see! I’ll keep you updated on this pair’s progress and the next design.


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Fair Isle Oak Mittens DONE!


Hello again! I just took my oak leaf mittens off the needles, and I could not be happier! Here is the result:

fair isle mittens, mid-blocking

The palm side of my fair isle mittens, mid-blocking


The back of the hand.

It is amazing what blocking can do. I’ve actually never blocked a thing… I just never felt the need. But now that I am doing so much fair isle, I thought I would try it out. The mittens were so puckered and slightly uneven, I figured I had to in this case. And holy cow, all those people who told me I really should take the time were correct.

I had actually blocked the first mitten as soon as I was done so I could see the second one side-by-side. The difference is amazing. Here they are next to each other:


Blocked and unblocked mittens.


Isn’t blocking AMAZING?!

If any of you ever have any question of whether or not you should block you project after it comes off the needles, DO IT. It is so easy and so worth it. The fabric becomes a cohesive, professional-looking fabric in 4 small steps. Get it wet, press out the water, shape & let dry. Glorious.

Anyhow, these will be the first item available in my upcoming Etsy shop. Now just 7 more things to knit before I can open it… I’m hoping to be up and running in the beginning of February. I am getting more ideas daily for products. I’ll keep you updated on my progress!


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