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Short and sweet… And sleepy

So, I’ve been working on a hat for my future mother-in-law for the past few weeks, and for some reason it is just dragging.

(I’m currently knitting away at a soccer game my fiancĂ©e is coaching… never mind the turf!)

I really like how it is turning out, and this is my first time ever trying a new stitch to create a pattern. I’m excited to be trying something new.

(I can’t wait to see this after blocking!)

And yet, for some reason, every time I pick it up and get my needles working my eyes begin to get droopy and my fingers work slower and then boom… I’m ready for nap time. And so, it’s progressing pretty slowly. (Sorry, Marilyn!) Maybe by the time it is warm out again I’ll be finished. :-/

Does anyone else have this problem ever? And how do you work through it?!



Slacking with knitting, but rockin’ organization!

So, I’ve been slacking like crazy for the past week on my third pair of tree mittens. But I have been doing something…


Organizing my yarn stash!

I’ve been thinking about how the heck to organize snippets of yarn with its tags for a while. I looked around for ideas and didn’t see anything I thought was good enough. Then one day at school, a kid came in with Pokemon cards and I got to thinking about how I used to have a binder full of them in plastic sleeves and BOOM! What an idea.

So I went out and got a cheap binder, a 10 pack of trading card sleeves for a binder and some index cards (about $6 all together). I had to trim the cards to fit the sleeves, but it worked out great.

For yarns I didn’t have the tags to, I just wrote the yarn info down on the card.


I’m writing down project info for each yarn on the index cards as well so I’ll have a handy-dandy reference guide that’s easy to add to whenever I get a new yarn.

So much better than a box full of tags and scraps! Yippee!

Now I don’t feel so bad about procrastinating…

Have a good week!